Bath Crayons


My kid is a good kid.

I mean, he is good heart-ed. The other day at the park he was trying to be everyone’s friend, running straight up to each kid with a “HI”. He is pretty good about sharing. He likes to hold hands. He encourages you when you make a mistake and congratulates you when you do things right.

He is also a handful.

He needs attention and stimulation. He is full of energy and zest and enthusiasm. He is a drama king. When leaving that same park, he realized in the car that he didn’t get to go on the swings and screamed “SWING??!!!” followed by a loud howl.

Now that he’s talking a lot more, his favorite thing to do (besides saying hi to strangers) is to narrate whatever is happening Right This Moment.

“I am drawing with a crayon.” “Eating a banana.” “Closing the door.”

I would spend every last dime on him. Seriously. I love picking up random crap from the store that I think he’ll enjoy, even though half of the time he moves on fairly quickly.

The other day I stopped into Timeless Toys on Lincoln Avenue and bought him a kite and some bath crayons. He is in a major drawing phase, so I figured he would love them.

And I was right.

But I forgot about the part where the bath needs to end and so does drawing with the crayons.

He was SUPER upset.  As I put him into his pajamas, I calmly explained he could use them tomorrow.

In between sobs he repeated back to me “Bath tomorrow. OK” and tried to settle down. A short while later he would remember them and get upset. But again, would calm himself down.

The effort of trying to understand, of trying to not be upset, that he heard me at all was unbelievable. It truly slayed me.

Here my not so tiny two year old who is still so new to this world, still learning that life does not always go your way, was doing the very difficult task of learning to deal with disappointment.

It was a strange, powerful and really unexpected experience.

I guess I’m still learning what it actually FEELS like to be a parent.

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