Here’s The Thing


I still care about my outfit sometimes.

I will have bursts of interest in make-up.

I’ll start looking into drastically changing my hair.

I sometimes miss wearing heels.

I like to pre-game and listen to my favorite songs while getting ready to go out.

I. Want. To. Dance.

“Back in the day” I used to go out A LOT. A lot.

I’ve dated a DJ. Er, TWO DJ’s.

In college, while I was going to Columbia, I would go out out every Tuesday-Thursday, stopping by Lava Lounge, Sinibar and Subterranean.

In my mid-20’s, I spent an inordinate amount of time at a nightclub called Transit, where we’d sign up for open bar from nine to ten, often leaving when there was a line out the door at one because we were too drunk to stand.

I’d repeat this scene in my early 30’s, only this time at Debonair.

At one point I was going to a these things called “Ginseng Joints”, all-Asian dance parties and social events.

Five or so years ago, I re-introduced myself to the places that were still around and also found myself in a crowd of young folks at Crocodile and Bonny’s.

Because there is nothing that matches the feeling of a good buzz and a booty shaking jam.


I may be older. I may be a mom. I may work a 9-5. I may go home to someone.

But I still love a turn on the dance floor.

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