Self Care Is For People With Money and Time


This is a picture of my hotel room from last night. The one I stayed in alone.

Last month, my partner suggested I take a staycation and I jumped at the idea.

I scoped out rooms on Hotels Tonight and started planning all of the things I was going to do (read: all of the things I was going to eat.)

Right now I’m on summer hours at my job. Summer hours at my job is an entire day off once a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I can never quit, right?

We don’t have a ton of money. I don’t make a ton of money. I’m actually pretty loose with spending. Probably a little too loose.

Still. It felt “needed.” I think it felt that way because it was possible, not because I deserved it.

I mean that in the grand scheme of things, my life is not overly hard or stressful or unfortunate.

This luxury felt…well, luxurious, in a way that was over the top and selfish.

To be totally honest, the bulk of what I wanted to do was ruined partly from my poor planning and partly due to a hotel room that didn’t have blackout curtains.

While I had curated my day perfectly (pedicure at a cheapish place near the hotel, cheese fries from Portillo’s, movie by myself ,and a nice meal from Eataly), I failed to REALLY think about why I was taking this time to be alone.

It was to not have to BE: Anyone. Anywhere. Anything.

It was for silence. And baths. And lounging in a huge bed watching Game of Thrones. And sleeping with the A/C at 68 degrees in TOTAL DARKNESS.

Instead, I stayed at a hotel in the busy part of town, where they didn’t have HBO (I know about the Internet you guys…I watched it on my goddamn phone), with showers only, and whose windows were covered by shades that didn’t account for the gaps in between. Gaps that let in the light from the building across the street, which shined directly in my face as I tried to sleep.

It was midnight when I realized this and though I’m normally the type of person who doesn’t complain, I decided I had spent too much money and had looked forward to this too much to not try.

So I called the front desk.

The guy who answered said he’d get back to me. He never did.

Oh woe is me, right?

Look, the 24 hours I was away was great. Everything outside of the hotel turned out exactly as I hoped. Better yet, I spoke about 100 words the whole day and only to people who I had to purchase something from. It was glorious.

So was the nap I took from 9:30 – 11:00 am.

Will I do this again? Maybe. If I’m lucky enough to have the time and money. I would recommend this to anyone who has the time and the money. If you don’t, try to make the time and save the money.

One night probably won’t change your life. But doing whatever makes you happy, even if it feels really gluttonous or shallow, for even a day, kind of makes all of the effort you put into getting through life a little more worth it.

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