Being A Woman Is Terrible


“I need cupcakes now!”

“I’m a complex woman with many moods and they all require chocolate!”

“I’m on a 10 day diet. So far I’ve lost 9 days.”

“These shoes are killing me, they must look fabulous!”

“I think chocolate makes my clothes shrink!”

These are hanging in the bathroom of one of my favorite diners in the city. You’re supposed to sit on the toilet and laugh at how these are so TRUE and RELATABLE.

Because this is what women do! We love chocolate and cupcakes and we’re always dieting and our shoes hurt!!!


You know what else we love? Wine and coffee!

You know why?

Because we are fucking tired from Doing It All and when we are awake we need to be drunk to deal with life.

We are freaking exhausted from taking care of ourselves and taking care of the house and taking care of other people.

The caffeine helps us get things done and the alcohol drowns out the things telling us they need to be done.

The caffeine helps us plow through the day instead of giving into our depression and going back to bed. The alcohol helps us believe we are good looking and good partners and good mothers.

The whole world has us believing we will never be good enough.

We are silly human beings who eat chocolate and wear uncomfortable shoes. Doing the things we shouldn’t be doing while doing the things we were born to do.

It’s a hilarious meme.

Bathroom art worthy.

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