A Real Mother’s Day


A mom recently asked a bunch of other moms to describe their perfect Mother’s Day. All of it is funny and relatable and I nodded and thought “YESSSSSSSSSS” to their sentiments.

Mother’s Day, like most stupid holidays, is centered around the idea that we celebrate it ONE DAY A YEAR and herein lies the problem.

Mothers should be celebrated Every Day.

The other day I overheard a man telling a woman that they were “one and done” because “We had a difficult delivery” and if I could have set him aflame with my eyes, I would have.

No sir, you did not endure a damn thing, save for witnessing someone else going through something difficult.

I’d take a whole year of “thank you for making this all work” over one day of breakfast in bed.

I do not want or need anything except for peace and quiet in a clean house. Forget the jewelry and flowers, candy or even a meal out. Give me a state of mind where I’m not responsible for something, planning something, scheduling something, thinking about something I need to/should be doing, giving my undivided attention to.

Then take care of this other layer, the one worrying about money and calories and aging and time.

This stress cannot be relieved by a Swedish massage or a pedicure.

It’s annoying but true: You do not know what it’s like to be a mom until you are one.

This Mother’s Day, I took Monday off so I don’t have to endure everyone else’s Mother’s Day and am spending it eating brunch (I like food) and getting a pedicure (HA) with my mom.

My mom, a full-time stay at home mom, who did everything she could to give her kids a good life.

There is no amount of gratitude I could give her that would be enough to thank her for everything she’s done, all of the unseen, unrecognized work she put in day in and day out all to be rewarded by with some shitty homemade card.

So instead, I gave her a grandson and hope we can call it even.

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