You’re Doing It Wrong


This morning I found myself staring at a countdown for registration to open for the park district’s Kiddie College, a TWO hour a day, four day a week drop off thing for 4 and 5 year olds. There is an actual timer for when you can add something from your wish list to your cart.

I did this because I wanted to ensure he would be in the same “class” for spring, even though there’s no guarantee anything would be the same, from his “teacher” to his classmates.

My kid turned 4 in December and should for all intents and purposes be in pre-K. But because we don’t need it for childcare, we decided to just keep him at home. I attempted to get him into a CPS program, whose application process opens in mid-March and asks you to choose two schools where he got waitlisted for one of them and then never actually got in.

My pediatrician said he should be in preschool because he can draw a square and I wanted to be like “are YOU paying for it?”

I mean, I want the best for my kid, but I’m not going to pay $800 a month so he can go somewhere two days a week for four hours.

My co-worker asked me today if I was going to get him tested for kindergarten. Her son is two months younger than mine and is currently in daycare.

This lead me into a wormhole of the CPS elementary school process, which is a whole other ball of wax.

From what I can gather, we are zoned for a 1+ rated “magnet cluster” school that he should automatically get into, though I’m sure there’s some hitch to that too.

Or he can test in to other schools, which I guess I have to do a bunch of research on and decide what might be best for a kid I’ve known for like fifty whole months.

Is this real life? I have to worry about where he’s going to be in the fall of 2020 RIGHT NOW?

I have already missed the boat on private pre-school for him next year since most applications were due this past winter. Instead I’m going to gamble on the park district or put him into a program at the YMCA where we’re members.

Is there a manual on this somewhere? Is someone going to send me a text with instructions on what I’m supposed to do so this kid can go to school? Or should I just move to the suburbs where you go to the school down the street and that’s that?

How in the hell do I know if he should go to a STEM school or a classical school? Do I really want to have him tested to see if he should be in a gifted program? Am I supposed to know his educational needs already?

I don’t feel like being overwhelmed over this process. I don’t think it should be such an overwhelming process.

I think one of the biggest fears of parenthood is that of failure. We are all failing in one form or another.

I just wish the outside world didn’t make it that much harder.


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