In A World of Everything


My kid informed me that he wanted this watch and we should get it. Right now. Either on my phone or by going to the watch store.

I have no one to blame but myself.

With the click of a button or a swipe of my debit card, I can satisfy his every desire and interest.

And I do.

And I’m creating a spoiled child.

Is this the end of the world? No.

But I’m alarmed at the ease of finding or replacing just about anything. A Cookie Monster hat he got from a secondhand store was lost recently and I found a replacement on eBay, slated to arrive Monday.

The watch was purchased after I told him he needed to clean his room. Instead he found his old watch and stopped asking for the new one.

I paid $17 for a bag of LOWER CASE foam bath letters because I found this request justified (???).

I just dropped $40 on healthy snack bars, telling myself that these will be better for him despite the fact that I let him eat all kinds of garbage.

He was able to coax me into getting him a happy meal (see above) when we walked past a McDonald’s at 3 pm claiming he was hungry (we had just eaten ice cream). The truth revealed itself quickly when he was more enamored with his Thor toy than his all-white meat chicken nuggets.

While we purchase most of his books used, I needed to get out of the house and convinced him to walk with me to a local bookstore where I forked over $18.99 for a brand new Captain Underpants book. BUT IT’S A BOOK! FROM A LOCAL BUSINESS!

Speaking of Captain Underpants, while buying a topper for our new mattress, I threw in an order of CU underpants because WHHEEEEEE, favorite character themed clothing!

I find myself buying the dumbest crap, like spending four quarters on a  vending machine for a miniature dog balloon, endless tiny rubber balls, Dollar Store toys that are broken by the end of the day, all geared toward his instant happiness.

But I know not so deep down he’d rather I get off my phone and play with him.

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